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Workforce Development | Evolving Technologies | Innovation


InfoShare is a proudly South African technology workforce development organisation, focusing on creating and promoting local technology skills development, peer-to-peer knowledge transfer and IP sharing platforms through Events, Conferences, Workshops and Advisory services.


We are a local team of technologists who are committed to the South African workforce creation and development, evolving and integrating new technologies and showcasing and promoting local innovation and expertise. We bring together South Africa’s leading technologists, subject matter  experts, practitioners and the public, to drive growth and innovation within the constantly changing business and technology environments in our local industries.


Proudly South African: Making South Africa Great Again!
Innovative: Finding the most innovative platforms to share, develop and transfer Class- leading and Cutting-edge technological insights, knowledge and expertise within our local technology communities and industries.
Committed: InfoShare is committed to promoting South African innovation in local business and technology industries.

Ethical: InfoShare is into beliefs that are morally right and wrong. We pride ourselves on influencing organisations and people to act on integral principles, values and beliefs.

Self-Empowerment: InfoShare recognises, acknowledges and promotes our local technology industry experts, practitioners and professionals, in the interest of promoting, developing and retaining our country’s talent.
Corporate Empowerment: InfoShare believes that our local industry leading technology organisations, businesses and its leaders are the best in the world. It is these local industry leaders that should and must be empowered to lead our countries technological advancement and evolution into the fourth industrial revolution.

Social and Community Upliftment: All our local technology events, conferences and workshops are provided at minimum cost to South African organisations, professionals and the public, whilst technology graduates and students are sponsored on 50% of their attendance costs on all InfoShare events.

The Infoshare Mission

Our Mission is to empower our local technology organisations, industry experts and practitioners to be the best that we can be!

The Infoshare Vision

Our Vision is to be the leading technology workforce creation and development contributor in South Africa, whereby integrating all participants that contribute the sustainability of our local technology eco-system.

Meet The Team



Bianca is an experienced business, sales and management consultant with a successful track record of delivering outstanding business results.  She has worked in and gained experience as a business and sales consultant for over 10 years in blue chip companies and demonstrated leadership in developing and driving key sales, strategic initiatives and operational improvements that increase sales, revenue, margins, reduce costs and improve the customer experience.  She has a multifaceted background covering sales, exceeding sales targets, strategic planning, marketing, and customer service across multiple lines of business, industry segments, and geographies. Bianca is an experienced leader with the ability to drive results in multiple organizational models. An executive leader with a proven track who has consistently over delivered the results expected of her customers, shareholders and stakeholders.



Dinana is an admitted Attorney with over 15 years’ experience in the field of Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Law and General Commercial Law. In her capacity as a legal advisor for various corporations, Dinana has not only acquired extensive commercial legal experience, but has also gained insight into the intricate workings of large multinational corporations and the particular business imperatives driving them. This has resulted in her having the ability to not only utilize her technical ability to apply the law correctly, but also simultaneously assess both the commercial and legal risks in order to obtain a solution that operates as effectively as possible within the legal framework applicable – all of this with your greater business strategy in mind.


375 Main Road, Randburg, Johannesburg, 2194



Tel : 011 326 0695



Tel : 011 326 0695



Tel : 011 326 0695